Songwriters Needed!

The goal of Soli Deo Music is to create songs with rich, theologically-deep lyrics and beautiful music for Christians to enjoy in their everyday life. It is not meant to be used as music in a church service, but instead for the personal lives of believers who need something edifying to listen to–songs that will encourage, teach, […]


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Christ My Righteousness

To the tune of “Nearer My God, To Thee” (VERSE 1) I come before You, Lord, knowing my sin; King, ever-merciful, cleanse me within. Guilt-stricken, I profess: Christ is my Righteousness, Christ is my Righteousness, Christ, my Righteousness. (VERSE 2) Spurning Your grace, I have breached Your commands; If You, Lord, marked my faults, I could never stand. […]

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Put Your Trust in Christ

To the tune of “I Surrender All” (VERSE 1) Jesus came to ransom sinners His own life He freely gave; Out of love the Father sent Him That through Christ we might be saved. (CHORUS) Put your trust in Christ, Put your trust in Christ, All those who believe in Jesus Gain eternal life. (VERSE 2) Rev’ling in […]

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